Rich Ortiz - My Story

As a professional digital creative at ONEUNITY Media, LLC

Rich Ortiz Photography has grown out of a natural progression of Self-Awareness and Pure Passion for Capturing the Human Spirit & Experiential Moments. Often, I'm asked if I'm a "Professional Photographer?" - my answer is a resounding "Yes and then again, No" - I have a love for capturing everyone's Visual Story - "Basically I capture people's storytelling moments". All of our best memories are actually experiential moments in time. We remember great events that captured our heart and etched them in the electronic currents of our brains only to be over-written by other events. Photos help us capture long forgotten life-moments. That's where I come in - I absolutely Love capturing the essence of the journey - although most of the time I live it through other's experiences and life journeys by helping them document and capture theirs. Whether it be a Commercial Shoot or a Real Estate Shoot or even a Senior Portrait Shoot - there's always a Story to be told through the Captured Moments in time. 

Providing the Best Possible Value in Capturing Your Best Moments in time
— Rich Ortiz